Previous and current patients of Philip R. Humber M.D., F.A.C.S..,

We regret to inform you that Dr. Humber passed away on June 15th, 2015. His years here were filled with many rewarding experiences and memorable moments. Treating patients like you allowed Dr. Humber the ability to enjoy a profession he loved and in which he took great pride. Although this comes as a tragedy to his family, colleagues and patients, it is important that we help with your continuance of appropriate medical care.

Follow up

You may wish to continue your care with the following physicians or contact:

  • The San Diego Medical Society - (858) 565-8888
  • Dr. Anshu Gupta (Cosmetic/Insurance) - (760) 436-7600
  • Dr. Brian Daly (Cosmetic) - (760) 632-1971

If you are under managed care by insurance, you will need to contact your health care insurer or primary care physician for a referral.

Dr. Gupta is seeing post op patients for Dr. Humber. Patients should call Dr. Gupta's office for an appointment. Due to HIPAA regulations, you will still need to fill out the release form. Your medical records are confidential. Once authorization is received, a copy of the medical records will be emailed or mailed, where directed.

Patient Charts

Your medical records are still in storage at an offsite facility, available years are 2008-2015. If you were a patient before 2008, your records have already been purged. After June 5, 2018, we will purge all patient medical records. (With passing of a physician, Medicare only requires to hold on to patient medical records for 3 years). It is imperative that you request your records before that time.

Request Medical Records

We greatly value your care, and thank you for your loyalty to Dr. Humber. Best wishes for you and your future health.


The office of Philip Richard Humber M.D., F.A.C.S.

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