Requesting Patient Records / Destroying Patient Records

To all of Dr Humbers patients,

We would like to inform you that Pat Guzman will be the custodian of Dr. Humbers patients, medical records.

Fill out the authorization form. Print, sign the printed copy and mail along with a payment of:

  • $10 – Requesting a copy of medical records, Sent via an encrypted email.
    (Recommended and Fastest delivery of course depending on how fast, we can locate your chart)


  • $20 - Requesting hard copy through the mail

Before requesting your chart

  1. Read the important information below.
  2. Fill out and sign authorization form. Obtain form through the website or request one from the above email. You may click here to download
  3. Make payment and send to:

    Make check out to: Pat Guzman
    Address to mail form:
    Pat Guzman
    PO Box 500155
    San Diego, Ca. 92150-0155

For any questions that you might have please email

Important Information

It is very important that you request a copy of your records before June 5, 2018. After this date
Your medical records will be destroyed.

When you request a copy of your medical records please make sure:

  1. An authorization form is filled out. Records cannot be released without the form.
  2. Make sure your contact information is up to date
  3. Include any other names that your chart may be under.
  4. The year last seen.
  5. If you are requesting records before 2008. They have already been purged. We are only required to hold on to records for 7 years.
  6. If you had a procedure in 2005 and came in for another procedure or office visit in 2010, your chart may possibly be available.
  7. Hard copies of your patient chart, will take longer, delivery time will be 3 to 4 weeks
  8. Sending copies of your patient chart via an encrypted email, will have a delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks, possibly sooner. Once received you just need to print out chart.
  9. Please be patient! I do not have a staff nor the office equipment to expedite this process. I am trying to create a process to get you your copies sooner.
  10. You cannot pick up chart. We do not have an office anymore or phone number to call. Just the email

Office Manager for Philip Humber MD

Download Authorization Form